Pinball LED's

All the four main bulb types are available #44 / #555 / #89 / #906 in various forms and in Seven Colour Variants.


#44 ( Bayonet ) /  #555 ( Wedge )

These bulbs are sold in Six different formats.

1 Led Bulbs

We sell three types of 1 LED : Concave, Flat Top Clear & Frosted Flat Top, Frosted Dome.

Concave - these bulbs spread the light 170 degrees and can be used in the Back Box or as GI, also ideal for playfield inserts where the lamp socket is at 90 degrees to the playfield.

Flat Top Clear - these bulbs spread the light 120 degrees and are usually used under the Playfield, ideal for small and medium inserts

Frosted Flat Top - these bulbs spread the light in a general diffused manner and can be used in any location Back Box, GI and playfield medium inserts.

Frosted Dome - Ideal for GI lighting and recommended by the Norths premier repair man who fits them in all of his machines

3 Led Bulbs

Super Bright 3 led bulbs, for those that find a 1 led bulb too dim.

These LEDs are AC/DC, meaning they can be used in both controlled (inserts) and uncontrolled (GI lighting) sockets.

4 Led Bulbs

For those where Super Bright is still not enough , these are mega bright 4 led bulbs , low profile and will work in any part of your machine the you want to shine , backbox , GI , playfield inserts, especially good in spotlights.

These LEDs are AC/DC, meaning they can be used in both controlled (inserts) and uncontrolled (GI lighting) sockets.

Ghost Busters

Tired of LEDs that stay slightly lit up when they are supposed to be completely off ?  These LEDs are the answer !

Guaranteed to completely eliminate all ghosting issues on the following manufacturer's/systems:

Williams/Bally WPC
Williams/Bally WPC-95
Sega - Apollo 13 and after
Modern Stern (1999-present)
Gottlieb System 3

Colour Changers

For those clear inserts where you want to add a bit of variety , these colour changers ( "slow" change every three seconds ) rotate through a 7 colour cycle

Red    Red/Green    Green    Green/Blue    Blue    Blue/Red    Red/Green/Blue

Ideally suited as a feature bulb , or in a bank of clear inserts.


#89 ( Bayonet ) / #906 ( Wedge )  Flashers

The flashers that are sold are 9 Led and not to be confused with the cheaper versions of flasher that are sold.

These are top of the range 9 Led flashers ( the Rolls Royce of Flashers ) that are the brightest bulbs on the market.

These bulbs are rated at 100,000 hours ( over 11 years ) of constant use , probably the last bulb you will ever need to buy.

 Now also available 8 Led Flasher ( fixed and directional ) / Tower Flashers and 1 Led #906 ( directional )


All of our LEDs are guaranteed to work and will be replaced if returned to us.


If you can't find the LED's you are looking for, please contact us and we'll do our best to source them for you.