Growing my Hair

For those that know me I have had short hair for 35 plus year , like a fool in lock down I decided not to shave my head weekly as no one else could go to the hairdressers .  That was back in early March .... 14 weeks on and I have flowing locks of 1 1/2".

Madly I said to someone I should grow it for a year and donate any money raised to charity ... so thats what I'm doing Poole Hospital will be the beneficiary of anything that gets raised and I'm hoping to have 4 - 5" of hair growth by Feb / Mar 2021 which is the target date for the shave off.

If you want to donate even a £ 1 it will all help  link below








For those that don't know Movember is the month where dedicated Men across the Globe grow a moustache to raise awareness for Prostrate Cancer.

This is a cause very close to my heart , hence the new page and change of Logo.

A group of my friends have got together and joined the growing clan of men up and down the country to support this great cause.

I am hoping to donate some of the profits made on the website this month so make sure you spend, spend, spend.

If you would also like to donate further, even if its only a £1 then click on the link below and you'll be taken to my Mo Bro Page.



I'll post some photos as the Mo Bro grows, don't expect too much though as I'm a slow grower :-)



                Week 2         Week 4          


 Gone for the 1970's Porn Star look this year :-)

Finally Week 4 is here, itchy as anything shaving off tomorrow.


£ 40 raised via 1stop so thanks to everyone who bought something in November.

Can't wait for next year Not :-)