A page of interest for those that have not as yet approached the daunting task of stripping a machine.

I have just done this with my Road Show , recently seen at the UK Pinball Show Daventry , where comments were :-

" You've done a good Job "

" Wow she plays fast "

" What a shine on the playfield "

" God those Led's are Bright "


Full strip of upper playfield, over 200 photo's taken so I knew what went where ( this was my first strip ).

Playfield cleaned with :-

Treasure Cove 3 ( on the really dirty bits )        TC 3

Treasure Cove 2 on the remainder of the playfield     TC 2

Ramps, plastics and all metal work cleaned with latest cleaner from the US, this stuff is amazing and the plastics, ramps and metal work came out looking almost like new                    Miracle Cleaner

The finish and to give it that extra fast feel, two coats of Treasure Cove Wax ( I was running out of time otherwise I would have done 3 coats ), boy did the machine shine almost like new.     TC Wax

Full Led Kit installed - Playfield Inserts, GI, Back Box and Flashers ( Super Bright 9 Led Flashers the Dogs Nudgers )

RS Led Kit


New Rubbers, balls and a quick wipe down and the job was done.


Selected pictures here            Road Show Log 

 a full set of pictures please follow the link.