Pinball LED Kits

As we are all individuals these LED kits have been designed to suit everyone's tastes. We offer four kits:

The Backbox
Comprises either #44s or #555s dependant on age of machine.
The Playfield
Comprises #44s or #555s for the inserts – colour-matched wherever possible.
The General Illumination
This is the general lighting around the machine. It can be colour-matched to the machine or frosted white; it's your choice.
Flasher Kit
Comprises the necessary #89 and #906 bulbs for the playfield / backbox flashers.
Our flashers are 9 Led and not to be confused with the cheaper versions of flasher that are sold.

These are top of the range 9 Led flashers ( the Rolls Royce of Flashers ) that are the brightest bulbs on the market.

These bulbs are rated at 100,000 hours ( over 11 years ) of constant use , probably the last bulb you will ever need to buy.

You can order any combination of kits by selecting them on the relevant LED Kit page.

Our bulbs are already colour coded. There's no need to dip them in coloured paint to achieve the effect you are after!
All of our LEDs are guaranteed to work and will be replaced if returned to us.

If you can't find the LED Kit you are looking for, please contact us and we'll do our best to put it together for you.