Attack from Mars - Mothership GOZ Mod

Don't panic -
more on the way!

Attack from Mars - Mothership with a Difference.

This one comes with Red Leds / Green Leds or a combination of both in play.

Gozmod Lite - A cost effective alternative to the original Mothership LED board. It is a direct replacement to the original board with all of the advantages of the standard GozMod, except it does not change colour during game play. The colour of the LEDs (either red or green) is, however selectable using an on-board jumper.

Gozmod Standard - The Original Gozmod this board changes colour from Red to Green during game play depending on the mode the game is in.

Gozmod Bullet - More resilient to the noise generated by the older AFM pinball machines and works in 100% of machines. This board has all the features of the original GozMod and is in my opinion the best option.


Don't fancy Red or Green leds and want to customise to a colour of your choice them drop us a line with your choice of colour and we will be able to get a quote done for you.

Gozmod - Video


See picture attached to Gozmod Standard for Numbers

The Technical Stuff

1. High Efficiency bi-colour LEDs

  • Same amount of LED brightness for less current flow
  • Reduces current consumption of overall board
2. Individually secured LED holders
  • Each LED holder individually attached to the PCB
  • Prevents strain on the LED solder joints
3. Three pinned T10 bulb socket
  • Two signal pins and one mechanical support pin
  • Prevents strain on the flasher bulb solder joints
4. Customised switching circuitry
  • Changes LED colour according to game status


Please note this item is dispatched from Germany direct from the manufacturer so please allow extra time for delivery.