Nothing quite like a new pinball, over time balls get damaged and this can in turn damage the playfield, tumbling is good but not as good as a set of new balls, treat your machine a least once a year.


Standard size (1 and 1/16 inches) and weight (2 and 7/8 ounces).

Pinballs are carbon-core and work great in games without magnets !

Please not these are from a new supplier so only work in games without Magnets they must have a higher content of steel than the previous supply

 They are Super Shiney though and come recommended by New Forest Pinball who regularly buy them

Machines with Magnets

These require a different composition to the standard pinball as they magnetize too quickly.

New stock of Magnet Pinballs due in the next few weeks , on the slow boat at the minute


Super Shiny
No Longer in Stock supplier had issues with their manufacturer

Reference Numbers:
Bally Part #M-168-26
Stern Part #260-5000-00
Williams Part #20-6500