Leg Bolts - Extended 2 3/4"

Leg Bolts - Extended 2 3/4" 

These bolts are 1/4" (3 threads) longer than the standard leg bolt, they are long enough to cope with cabinet protectors , pin gulps , pinguard nylon leg protectors and still have enough threads to ensure the bolt has entered the leg plate correctly.

Three choices of colour

Brass plated acornhead leg bolts commonly refered to as "gold" leg bolts.


Black "acorn head" (rounded top) leg bolt.


Suitable for all makes of Machine :- Bally, Data East, Gottlieb, Sega, Stern, Williams

Wms/Bally reference #4322-01125-40,

Data East/Sega/Stern reference #231-5001-01.