Cabinet Flipper Button - 1-1/8" Shaft

Cabinet flipper buttons with 1-1/8" ( 28mm ) shafts used on most games from the early 80's to present.

One of the parts on your machine that is used constantly, treat your machine and replace the old buttons with new ones.

Also available in translucent colours ideal for lighting from inside the cabinet.

Inner shaft moves  2/10 " ( 5mm ) when the button is fully pressed.

Measurement is taken from the inside lip of the button to the tip.  Please measure your old flipper button before ordering!

Williams/Bally reference numbers:

Blueish Purple - A-16883-18
Red - A-16883-9
White - A-16883-5
Yellow - A-16883-6

Date East/Sega/Stern reference numbers 500-5026-32, 50-5026-38, 500-5026-22, 500-5026-16.