Pinball Rubber Kits

All of our Rubber kits are put together by Hand.

Kits are priced to be competitive, if you can get a kit cheaper drop us a line and we will try to price match.

Some machines use Rubber pads as ball stops ( ie at the end of ramps ), these have not been included in the kits ( no one else does and it would make our kits look artifically high if we did include them ) but are available on the site.

All kits come with a ball shooter rubber ( two if required ie Road Show ).

Flipper Rubber Kits come with the relevant coloured flippers , these can be changed for Black / Red / Yellow at no extra cost. White Flippers can be added at an extra 20p a flipper.

If you want to pimp up your machine with coloured rubbers ( flipper / coloured posts ) these are also available on the site.

These can be included in your Kit ( stock permitting ) at an additional cost replacing the relevant rubbers.

If you can't find the Rubber Kit you are looking for, please contact us and we'll do our best to put it together for you.