Cabinet Flipper Button Translucent - 1-1/8" Shaft

Cabinet flipper buttons with 1-1/8" ( 28mm ) shafts used on most games from the early 80's to present.

Ideal for blinging your machine and putting a lamp on the inside of your cabinet so that it light the buttons.

Inner shaft moves  2/10 " ( 5mm ) when the button is fully pressed.

Measurement is taken from the inside lip of the button to the tip.  Please measure your old flipper button before ordering!

Williams/Bally reference numbers:

Clear - A-16883-13
Translucent Blue - A-16883-10
Translucent Green
Translucent Orange
Translucent Red - A-16883-9
Translucent yellow - A-16883-

Date East/Sega/Stern reference numbers 500-5026-32, 50-5026-38, 500-5026-22, 500-5026-16.