NVRAM Battery Eliminator for Bally, Data East, Sega/Stern & Williams Pinball

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Cost £ 15.50 in UK inc postage  additional £ 10 postage if sending international


By upgrading to NVRAM you will never have to replace the batteries again, and neither will you have to worry about battery leakage which can cause £100's of pounds damage to repair or replace the board and/or components. Once upgraded, the NVRAM will retain all your Settings and High Scores for many years to come.

There are three types available...

1. The 6116 NVRAM is a direct replacement for the 6116 SRAM fitted to Bally 6803, Williams System 9 thru 11C, and Data East Laser War

2. The 6264 NVRAM is a direct replacement for the 6264 SRAM fitted to Data East and Sega/Stern Whitestar games, as well as Williams System 11B, 11C and WPC games; with jumper and or resistor modifications.

3. The 6116/6264 NVRAM is a direct replacement for any of the above games by soldering the relevant jumper pads to select either the 6116 or 6264 configuration. This variation will allow the user to swap between games where the SRAMs are different. just change the jumps on the NVRAM to suit the game, or if you have multiple games, you can purchase all the same NVRAMs and configure as required for each game.

The upgrade will replace the 6116, 6264, 62256 or compatible pinout SRAMs on most Bally 6803, Data East, Sega/Stern Whitestar and Williams System 9, 11, 11A, 11B, 11C and WPC games. A 24 or 28 pin IC socket will also be supplied as well. If you purchase the 6116/6264 NVRAM please include in the 'message to seller' box, what IC socket you require. A 28 pin socket will be supplied by default.

Most Bally 6803, Data East and Sega/Stern Whitestar games were supplied with the SRAM chip already fitted in a socket. These games are 'Plug & Play', so no soldering is required. Sharkey's Shootout cannot use this mod.

On all Whitestar games, if a 62256 SRAM was installed, it is not a bad idea to change the jumper for the memory type, 32k to the 8k setting, but the 6264 should work without this change. The jumper block ‘JP1’ is mounted directly below the SRAM chip on many of these boards, but may be a physical jumper instead of a movable switch or jumper block.

On all Williams System 9 thru 11C games, the boards were shipped from the factory with a 6116 SRAM chip soldered directly to the board. This will need to be removed and an IC socket fitted before installing the NVRAM so some soldering will be required. The System 9 thru 11A boards will only work with the 6116 NVRAM.

On the System 11B & 11C boards, though still fitted with a 24 pin 6116 SRAM, there are 28 pin holes suitable for a 6264 NVRAM. The 28 pinout can be seen as two empty plated through holes, either side, and at the front of the 6116 SRAM. Jumpers, (W5 & W6), will need to be changed for this upgrade as well.

On some WPC games, a 62256 SRAM chip was fitted instead of the 6264 SRAM chip. If your game is currently using a 6264 SRAM, no jumper changes are needed. The 6264 NVRAM can be used to replace the 62256 SRAM with some jumper/resistor, (R93 & W3), settings changed. All Williams WPC games were shipped from the factory with the SRAM chip soldered directly to the board. This will need to be removed before installing the NVRAM so some soldering will be required.

On some machines, the Real-time clock for specialist functions or other time-sensitive modes will not work correctly. Midnight Madness Mode will not start at the correct time on WHO Dunnit, Dirty Harry, Johnny Mnemonic, Congo, Junk Yard, Theatre of Magic or NBA Fastbreak. Also, the music on Creature From the Black Lagoon which is based on different dates will be affected too. Neither will the clock on the Twilight Zone playfield show the correct time. Some other games may be affected in addition to those listed here.

As all of the Williams boards will require the existing SRAM to be desoldered and removed from the board, if you do not have the proper equipment or experience to desolder ICs and install a socket, this mod may not be for you as some of these boards have delicate traces. Please be aware of this and seek technical advice before purchasing the NVRAM module.

If you have any doubts before ordering, please message us with the name of your machine and the part number printed on the SRAM chip. We will check and confirm if this upgrade will work.

Before despatch, each NVRAM is tested to ensure it is working correctly.

Any attempts to modify your board are AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Instructions will be supplied for all games, including SRAM locations and jumpers that may need to be changed.