Coil FL-11629 Blue

Don't panic -
more on the way!

Flipper Coil FL-11629  Blue


This coil is used on the following games:


Attack from Mars / Black Rose / Congo (lower flippers) / Demolition Man /

Dirty Harry (3 flippers) / Fish Tales / Flintstones / Getaway ( lower flippers) /

Indiana Jones / Indianapolis 500 (3 flippers) / Johnny Mnemonic / Judge Dredd (3 flippers) / Junkyard / Medieval Madness / Monster Bash / No Fear (3 flippers) /

No Good Gofers (lower flippers) / Popeye Saves the Earth (lower flippers) /

Scared Stiff / Star Trek the Next Generation (3 flippers) /

Tales of the Arabian Nights / The Shadow / Theatre of Magic / Whitewater /

World Cup Soccer


It is not recommended that you "tinker" with the balance of flipper power supplied by the original flipper coils. But if you must tempt fate, here is a list of coil numbers and their relative strength going from weakest to strongest:

FL-11753 - Used with short flippers and close shots

FL-11722 - Used for close shots near drop targets

FL-11630 - The standard, most commonly used coil

FL-15411 - Used for long playfield shots

FL-11629 - Used for long shots and high ramps